Monday, March 22, 2010

photos: Lifehouse

Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
photos by Amy Willard

LA based rockers, Lifehouse took to the stage of Baltimore Maryland's 1st Mariner Arena for the inaugural night of their 2010 US tour with American Idol finalist, Chris Daughtry. Having released their latest album Smoke & Mirrors only a few weeks prior, these guys were ready to deliver their revised sound, opening with one of the tracks, "All In." Lifehouse kept the crowd enticed with the new tracks, while including old favorites. Although the performance showcased some of their popular singles, missing from the line up was the 2005 hit, "You and Me." During "Wrecking Ball," frontman Jason Wad took a step back from center stage to allow bass guitarist Bryce Soderberg to lead on "Wrecking Ball." The forty-five minute set concluded with their first hit "Hanging By a Moment" which served as a reminder to anyone in the audience who may have forgotten the Lifehouse of 2001.

Friday, March 19, 2010

photos: Shamrock Fest 2010

RFK Stadium, Washington DC
photos by Amy Willard

On Saturday March 13, thousands of festival goers braved the cold rain, and dawned in their best green attire flooded the parking lot of RFK Stadium in Washington DC for Hi Ball Event's Shamrock Fest. The all day drinking and celtic music event featured entertainment from over 40 artists including: Scythian, Carbon Leaf, Street Dogs, Pat Premiere, and headliner: Train. With flooded stages making for anything but ideal conditions, it is amazing that the event organizers were able to carry on the festival relatively on schedule. Lucky for them, the clouds appeared to clear just in time for main the event, shortly after 7:30 PM.

Gallery includes: Carbon Leaf, Street Dogs, and Train

photos: Dropkick Murphys

9:30 Club, Washington DC
photos by Amy Willard

In a room reeking of beer and Boston Redsox attire, the spirit of American-celtic punk rock returned to the 9:30 Club, prepping Washington DC for St. Patrick's Day. Opening to the sound of live bagpipes, the band took to the stage, and awaited the arrival of lead singer, Al Barr, who immediately leaped to the barricade to kick off the hour long set. The evening featured "Last Letter Home," and the ever popular "Shipping Up to Boston," which many will recognize as the theme to the major motion picture, The Departed.

photos: Copeland

Recher Theatre, Towson, Md
photos by Amy Willard

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cage the Elephant

photos by Amy Willard

Kentucky based American rockers, Cage the Elephant took over Washington D. C.'s famed 9:30 Club on Thursday February 25. Lead singer Matt Shultz took the stage and immediately jumped to the barricade to get the crowd moving with "Dr. Dr. Dr." The night included radio favorites "Back Against the Wall" and "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked." Check out some of the images from the performance below: